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Close Up Look

Have some fun watching Tikoy!

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Head Motion

Tikoy's staring head

Tikoy seats near the stair.  Maybe she’s  tire.


Tikoy staring something

Yes I think so.  And also she was staring something downstairs.   And she is showing her tongue too.


Tikoy's head on the floor

Ohhhhh.  Tikoy really got tired.  Her head was on the floor now.  But staring still  something downstairs.  I wonder what it is?  🙂


Tikoy's sleeping

Zzzzzzzzzzzz !!

Goshhhhhhhhhh . . . .  Sleeping. 🙂  I thought she’s tired and just looking at something.  She is sleepy.

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Apple of my eye

Tikoy's Eye

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Tikoy with new hat

Tikoy in Watermelon Hat

Tikoy’s wearing her watermelon hat.  Everytime I look at the picture of tikoy, I imagine many cute things as she is a nice dog.   C ute dog!  🙂

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Tikoy and Me



This is my favorite dog tikoy, whom i loved and cared for.  One day, during my diner time, I was eating my favorites sandwich with butter on it.  Tikoy came near me and sit there.  Watching me while I’m eating.  While I’m chewing my sandwich, Tikoy began to bark.  And she began to put her two feet on my legs.  It almost pulled my pajama.  Again it barked as if it wanted to say something.  I wonder what could that be.  I knew my dog wanted to say something.  Then i heard a noise.  Tikoy jumped upon the cat who tried to eat my other sandwich.  I got one stick there and attempt to stop the can from eating my sandwich.  Then the can ran fast and didnt took my sandwich.  Instead of me eating the sandwich, I gave that to tikoy as her reward for being aware.  How lucky I am to have a such a nice dog.

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Tikoy were tired after eating her lunch. J  That’s why I got this cute shot of her. She even don’t complain while I’m attempting to hold her nose.    She really don’t mind that.  Tikoy is a very nice dog.  If you give some care to the animals, they will be very loving and a sweet one. 

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Cam . . E . . Long

Picture 197

It’s a small stuff toy which my sister sent to me.  It’s very cute.  It’s a camel.  It’s nice to think to be a kid again.  When my dog Tikoy saw this stuff toy, she keeps on smelling it like she is kissing the toy.  Maybe tikoy thinks that it’s also a dog like her. . . 🙂

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My Buddy


I’m very fond of tikoy.  She is my favorite dog.  I care for her a lot that I treated her as human child.  I have one more dog, but with tikoy, I feel so close to her.  She is very kind and playful specially to children.  At first when she saw you, she will bark a lot as if she will bite you.  But after some time, she will be silent again, and sometimes she will come near you and smell you.  I love tikoy very much.

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