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Climb Every Mountain

Blue Mountain


Climb every mountain

Search high and low

Follow every by way

Every path you know


Climb every mountain

For every stream

Follow every rainbow

Till you find your dream


A dream that will need

All the love you can give

Everyday of life

For as long as you live


This is one of the song of the movie which I watched.  It’s an old movie.  I am still young when I first saw this movie.  I like it very much that’s why I get a copy of it as my collection.  As I was watching the move, one of the song here is a very beautiful song.  It has a good lesson in life.  Feel the words of the song and you will be inspired with it.  Even the picture of mountain there was taken from the movie.  I took a shot of it. 

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Thank you, Lord

a-little-girl-prayingThank you; Lord, for my parents dear

For all my loved ones far and near;

Thank you for my brothers and sisters

And for all the help I get from others;

For my country, Lord, I thank you, too.

And for my friends all tried and true; of the sun

And thank you, Lord, for the heat

For the light of the moon, for all the fun;

For all the beautiful things around me

The mountains, rivers, birds, the sights I see;

And above all, Lord, for Your life which You gave

For the pain You endured that all may be saved.


I was reading this poem about thanking the Lord.  It was a nice words to feel.  My thought of sharing this with you is to be aware that we should all thank our God for the graces He gave us.  He don’t get tired of giving us all the blessings we receive.  All we have to do is just say a simple word . . . “Thank you, Lord”.


Visual courtesy:  turnbacktogod

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The Mountain



Who can find the mountain’s mouth

Since the caving in?

Beneath the green and thorny grown

Are being that have been.

There is none to inform us.


But we can tell the mountain’s broods

(its morbid mood is too enormous)

From the way a ridge protrudes

Out below the crooked peak

From where a shadow plunging,

Hides the face that cannot speak. 


This is one of the poem I have just read.  It’s a nice words.  When you feel each word of it, you will just amaze with the nature.  Simple one, but full of nice thoughts. 

Source:  “My Book of Poems”, Jacqueilene Ramos; Boy F. Madriguera

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The Sea



Good morning everyone.  I was looking some of the pictures which my friend sent me.  It’s a nice place, until I saw one of the picture.  Picture of a sea.  It’s a quiet place, the water is calm, the waves are just swaying to and pro.  I love those kind of nature.  i just remember one poem which I read in the book of my niece about the sea.  Child poem but it’s nice and I want to share this with you.


Why does the sea laugh, mother

As it glints beneath the sun?

It is thinking of the joys, my child, tired heart, dearest child

That it wishes everyone.


Why does the sea sob so, mother

As it breaks on the rocky shore?

It recalls the sorrows of the world

As weeps forevermore.


Why is the sea so peaceful, mother

As if it were fast asleep?

It would give you

The comforts of the deep.

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Lovely Green



The place called Dai Mae Salong.  A place where people live quietly.  Far away from the noise of the city.  Free from all pollution, fresh air to breath, simple life, simple way of living, but the most important is the happiness they felt living in the nature of green.

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Tikoy and Me



This is my favorite dog tikoy, whom i loved and cared for.  One day, during my diner time, I was eating my favorites sandwich with butter on it.  Tikoy came near me and sit there.  Watching me while I’m eating.  While I’m chewing my sandwich, Tikoy began to bark.  And she began to put her two feet on my legs.  It almost pulled my pajama.  Again it barked as if it wanted to say something.  I wonder what could that be.  I knew my dog wanted to say something.  Then i heard a noise.  Tikoy jumped upon the cat who tried to eat my other sandwich.  I got one stick there and attempt to stop the can from eating my sandwich.  Then the can ran fast and didnt took my sandwich.  Instead of me eating the sandwich, I gave that to tikoy as her reward for being aware.  How lucky I am to have a such a nice dog.

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