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Flying High … Resting A While!

Free Birds

The birds sing and fly, when you see them in the sky.  They fly so high, and greeting them “HI!”  When they get tired they go to the trees and sometimes they just walk on the shore where they could rest.  And they be at peace when they just stay together.  It’s like the same in our life.  We should have someone, to share our feelings, sharing thoughts with each other and specially loving with each other.  I wish I became a bird some time … 🙂

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The Jewel of California

Beloved Bridge in Califonia


The Jewel of California where fog lifts.   Sparking above waters that surround her on three sides: San Francisco.  It’s the site of the world’s beloved bridge.  The world’s most crooked street. 

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Earth’s Nature

Perfectly Shaped Mountain


At Mt. Evans you will see the natural beauty of ancient pines.

Photo courtesy:  Nikon

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Dead City

Abandoned City


A novelist Doris Grumbach falls under the spell of the stones of Mexico’s Uxmal, a beautiful but dead city, one whose indigenous population mysteriously deserted it more than a millennium ago: Uxmal.  It is located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula on an arid, overgrown plain about 50 miles from Merida.  It had flourished around A.D. 850 and then, strangely, was abandoned.  Its great buildings crumbled or were purposefully knocked down.  The site became so overgrown with brush and trees that some of the structures, to the eyes of explorers, resembled large, formless mounds.

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Costa Rica

Bedroom Style


At Lapa Rio, bedrooms are sensuously simple – cristobal wood floors, beds with net canopies, and screwed windows open to the breeze.

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Names of Holocaust victims in Prague’s Pinkas Synagogue

Holocaust Victim's Name

Pinkas Synagogue, built in 1492 by one of Prague’s most distinguished families, the Horowitzes.    It is now being turned in a memorial for the Jews of Bohemia and Moravia lost in the Holocaust.  The names of the victims are being inscribed in red and black ink on the walls.

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Filipino Dancers

Graceful Filipino Dancers

A beautiful dance from the Filipino dancers.  A lot of culture dance you will see when visiting the Philippines. 

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To All Mom

Perfect Mother

 Happy Mother’s Day to All Mother!

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Close Up Look

Have some fun watching Tikoy!

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