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Eye Viewing Place



I was looking at the pictures, my friend sent me.  It’s a lovely pictures she got there.  All in different places.  But this picture is the picture that focused my eyes.  The trees are green and the grass too.  As they reflect the color of the surroundings.  It’s like a green one.   I just wanted to have a beautiful garden in our backyard.  I am fond of planting plants.  It’s very lovely and you will feel cool whenever you see green in your surroundings.  It’s really a nice one there.

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Keep It Real

God Praying


In the best moments or our prayers, we are both honest with God about what we want and clear in our understanding that God may or may not give it to us.  Praying won’t necessary resolve your worrying concerns, but it will help you identity them and keep them in view.  The first obligation is that you be honest with yourself. 

Prayer is cooperation with God, a consent that opens the way for grace to work.  But a God who simply answered all of our prayers without question bears more similar to a child’s idea of Santa Clause than to the huge and immeasurable force God is.

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Walk With God

Walk with God

I just remember this portrait.  This was handmade by my grandmother on my father’s side.   It’s a beautiful one.  Like God has a beautiful things for us.

Walk with God and everything will be okey.  Have faith in Him and trust Him.  Do your best and God will do the rest in your life.


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Tikoy were tired after eating her lunch. J  That’s why I got this cute shot of her. She even don’t complain while I’m attempting to hold her nose.    She really don’t mind that.  Tikoy is a very nice dog.  If you give some care to the animals, they will be very loving and a sweet one. 

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waterdropWater is the foundation of life

Yet it is also the source of death.

It is a spineless power to contemplate

But a devastating menace to contend with


Water is the bringer of vegetation

For plats and animals for sure

To love and mercy of our Lord and Savior

Is shower that purges our soul.


Photo courtesy:  photobucket

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A Smile

ij 014


Let others cheer the winning man

There’s one I hold worthwhile,

‘Tis he who does the best he can,

Then losses with a smile.

Beaten he is, but not to stay

Down with rank and file

That man will win some other day

Who losses with a smile.

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Cam . . E . . Long

Picture 197

It’s a small stuff toy which my sister sent to me.  It’s very cute.  It’s a camel.  It’s nice to think to be a kid again.  When my dog Tikoy saw this stuff toy, she keeps on smelling it like she is kissing the toy.  Maybe tikoy thinks that it’s also a dog like her. . . 🙂

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