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Thank you, Lord

a-little-girl-prayingThank you; Lord, for my parents dear

For all my loved ones far and near;

Thank you for my brothers and sisters

And for all the help I get from others;

For my country, Lord, I thank you, too.

And for my friends all tried and true; of the sun

And thank you, Lord, for the heat

For the light of the moon, for all the fun;

For all the beautiful things around me

The mountains, rivers, birds, the sights I see;

And above all, Lord, for Your life which You gave

For the pain You endured that all may be saved.


I was reading this poem about thanking the Lord.  It was a nice words to feel.  My thought of sharing this with you is to be aware that we should all thank our God for the graces He gave us.  He don’t get tired of giving us all the blessings we receive.  All we have to do is just say a simple word . . . “Thank you, Lord”.


Visual courtesy:  turnbacktogod

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The Sun


Each day the sun comes up

And smiles on everyone.

I say to him

“Good morning, Sun,”

He says to me, “Have some fun!”

Then later in the afternoon

After the work and play

The sunshine slowly fades away.

I say to him, “Thank you,

Dear Sun, for giving the

Very happy day.”


Photo courtesy: flickr

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The Clouds



I bring the rain that water flowers,

And fills the wells, the seas, and rivers,

I shade you from the bright, hot sun,

And keep you cool while you have fun.


I give the moon a cozy place,

For it to hide its golden face.

Behind my folds the stars they peek,

When they are playing hide-and-seek.

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