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Tree at Sunset

Big Tree

What a beautiful view of tree at sunset in the Atlantic rain forest in Brazil. 

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Fig Tree

Dried Tree

Do you have any idea what is this?  It’s a skeleton of a strangler fig tree that has found in Central Panama. 

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Iguazu Falls

Flowing Water

 A Majestic view of Iguazu Falls on the ‘Argentina border.  Very beautiful view.

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Exotic Poinciana

Exotic Plant

 Exotic poinciana is found in Puerto Rico.

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Lin Tse-hsu

Forces Foreign Merchant

Imperial official Lin Tse-hsu forces foreign merchants to surrender their opium.  His further demands provoke a backlash, starting the First Opium War.

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Japanese Maple Tree

Colorful Plant

A colorful plant is very nice to look at the garden.  Refreshing to the eyes for everyone who look at it. -Bill

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Sunset at Tye Beach

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset seen at Tye Beach.

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