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Queen of the Night ~ Art Work

Creative Art

The photograph says that  the Queen of the Night keep watching above the sleeping world and she’s sweeping majestically across the moonlit sky.   The queen carries within her cover many unborn stars and planets, sparkling wonders ready to be flung into the night-time collage in some distant sky since she travels in the company of her many curious of the night friends.  Her huge domain covers our own heavens and away from the mysterious galaxies.  All is kept safe and sound under her gentle and eternal protection.

Photo courtesy:  josephinewall

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Rainbow Girl ~ Art Work


Dream Art

Look at the good creation here.  The photograph itself signifies the perfomance for the dance of life with one foot in the flowers and the other in the stars by the Mother Nature.  It glidss the rainbow of hope behind it.  It gives us its word our world that it will always have its protection.

Photo courtesy:  josephinewall

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The Stars


Twinkling Stars

Stone that shines in the roof of the sky;

Looks like a bumble bee

in the clouds that goes by.


What is your wonder?

Why are you shining?

Are you blessed

For us to guide?


Tribute to King Mago,

When Christ was born,

Were all gifted

In following your light.

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The Stars


So many stars above

Are scattered everywhere

Like fireflies in the dark

They flicker here and there.

From somewhere in the east

A shooting star goes by,

It’s faster, faster than

The winkling of an eye

Though millions crown the night

Each has a wondrous beam

That rings to one the joys

And pleasure of a dream.

 photo courtesy:  jenriks

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The Clouds



I bring the rain that water flowers,

And fills the wells, the seas, and rivers,

I shade you from the bright, hot sun,

And keep you cool while you have fun.


I give the moon a cozy place,

For it to hide its golden face.

Behind my folds the stars they peek,

When they are playing hide-and-seek.

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