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Goat Smile

Shared pictures and I want to share it with you too !

Nice Smile Goat ... 🙂

If you just have this kind of smile, then I am ready to take your picture … SMILE! Say cheeseeeeeeeeeeeee!  🙂   Got the same smile? … 🙂


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A Sweet Smile from Mariah

Smiling Child

Smiling Child


A smile that is sweet,
Is a good thing:
It heals you sadness,
It removes your sorrow.


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The Sun


Each day the sun comes up

And smiles on everyone.

I say to him

“Good morning, Sun,”

He says to me, “Have some fun!”

Then later in the afternoon

After the work and play

The sunshine slowly fades away.

I say to him, “Thank you,

Dear Sun, for giving the

Very happy day.”


Photo courtesy: flickr

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