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waterdropWater is the foundation of life

Yet it is also the source of death.

It is a spineless power to contemplate

But a devastating menace to contend with


Water is the bringer of vegetation

For plats and animals for sure

To love and mercy of our Lord and Savior

Is shower that purges our soul.


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Flowery Nature



Nature is a flower

That’s needs water

Just like a farmer

Waiting for an April shower

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The Clouds



I bring the rain that water flowers,

And fills the wells, the seas, and rivers,

I shade you from the bright, hot sun,

And keep you cool while you have fun.


I give the moon a cozy place,

For it to hide its golden face.

Behind my folds the stars they peek,

When they are playing hide-and-seek.

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Rocky Place


Look at the place.  Seem so useless. Stagnant water is just simply sitting there quietly.  But when you think how lovely is the nature.  Everything will have of good use.  The big and small rocks which is just there in the corner, waiting for someone to come near to them and sit and play with them.   Nature, just imagine how it was created by God.

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Calm Water


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