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China – top ten World’s Richest Government

Rich Government


China’s National reserves: $2,454,300,000,000

Firoz Zummer

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Feels Like Heaven With Cactus

White Flowers

A genus of globose spiny plants.

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Beautiful Scenery

Cool and blue mountain.

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What Does Marriage Mean? – Cartoon Pictures

In somebody's company

 …. being together now and forever


Similar Action

….  having the same ways


Provide Alias

 …. giving each other nice nicnames


Shopping Spree

 … doing shopping together



 …. watching the same TV channel


Discussing Seriously

…. debating problems maturely


Handing something

 …. bringing him his slippers when he comes home


Mind Thought

 …. thinking of her only


Hanging Around

 …. waiting for him patiently

Have fun! 🙂


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Kilauea Volcano

View of Volcano

A view that is seldom we could see.  A view of Kilauea Volcano.

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Nice Garden

Home Flowers

Pink flowers found in front of the house.  Nice Garden.

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My Mother

My Mother

 Happy Birthday Mom!

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