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Simple Fun

This pictures might help you feel happy when you feel bad.  I was too, when my friend share this with me.  So it might help you too … 🙂


I am in Q

Multi Tasking



Any difference

Believe Me


Don't CryI am hungry

Hello Sir

Smile Please

Update with technology

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Indian Woman


Hi everybody.  My friend send this nice painting.  He visited Mumbai, India two years back.  In this painting he used fabric colours to give  beauty to the painting.  Actually he done three paintings of Indian women but only this picture was the one he perfected.  But his main purpose of going to Mumbai is to sell his paintings.  And many responded well. 

You will know when the artist is good.  He can paint something even without someone or something in front of him.  When he look at someone or something, that he got interested with, that someone or something will registered in his mind.  I hope he can paint many like this.

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The Lady

Abract Lady

You can see the abstract painting of a lady standing there.  Looking far.  I wonder what she had in her mind.  Simple painting but the way the painting was made possible, also proves the person’s intelligence and creativity.

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