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Goodbye to Everyone!

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Physically I’m gone, but my songs will remain there with you.   I love you all!

photo courtesy:  theinsider

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The Acacia Tree


The acacia tree is a big tree.  It has a big trunk.  It has a small leaves.  The leaves grow in pairs.  Its pairs of leaves fold in at night.  They fold in to let the light pass through.  This keeps the place from being dark at night.

During the day the leaves spread out.  They spread out to give shade.  The shade protects us from the hot sun.  the acacia tree is a shady tree.

Photo courtesy:  grahamenglishconsultancy

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Long Life, Happiness, Prosperity

Picture 190


I was just looking at our book shelf when I notice this image.  This was a free when my father and mother bought a set of book.   It’s a good luck thing. 

Long life – is a long lasting meaningful life

Happiness – is a pleasurable or enjoyable experience

Prosperity – a condition of being successful

It’s good to have all this in one’s life.  It’s to get it, but with all the effort we can get all this three things.  I just remember my father and mother.  I just missed them both.

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A Glass of Milk


Many parents do not know the importance of milk.  Some parents think that milk is only for babies.  Children and babies really need more milk that grown-ups.  But grown-ups need milk, too, if they are to remain active, healthy and strong. 

Milk is the riches and almost complete food of man.  It gives the body materials to build and repair muscles, hair, teeth and bones.  It has a vitamin A that adds to good eyesight.  Drink now! 

Photo courtesy:  schutte


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Indian Woman


Hi everybody.  My friend send this nice painting.  He visited Mumbai, India two years back.  In this painting he used fabric colours to give  beauty to the painting.  Actually he done three paintings of Indian women but only this picture was the one he perfected.  But his main purpose of going to Mumbai is to sell his paintings.  And many responded well. 

You will know when the artist is good.  He can paint something even without someone or something in front of him.  When he look at someone or something, that he got interested with, that someone or something will registered in his mind.  I hope he can paint many like this.

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The Lady

Abract Lady

You can see the abstract painting of a lady standing there.  Looking far.  I wonder what she had in her mind.  Simple painting but the way the painting was made possible, also proves the person’s intelligence and creativity.

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Got a sharp eyes?


How sharp is your eyes?  You can see an angel in that picture.  So creative.  At first when i look at it, I tried to search for an angel.   Can you tell me where is the angel there?

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The Tree



Trees I know are kindness things

Upon this earth,

They supply us with many things,

They spread their shade

For the sleepy cows,

And give shelter to the birds

Among their beautiful crowns.


They give us any fruits to eat,

And blossom and leaves, too

And lumber to make our houses and

Furnitures too,

There’s a lot of good we get from trees,

So let us plant more trees.


Photo courtesy:  Photo courtesy:  learnntgreek

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The Stars


So many stars above

Are scattered everywhere

Like fireflies in the dark

They flicker here and there.

From somewhere in the east

A shooting star goes by,

It’s faster, faster than

The winkling of an eye

Though millions crown the night

Each has a wondrous beam

That rings to one the joys

And pleasure of a dream.

 photo courtesy:  jenriks

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