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3 Curlers . . . hi, hi, hi!


I am Mariah.  Do I look good with this curlers?  My grandmom put this on to me.  I’s sure I’m going to get pretty afterwards. . . 🙂

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A Sweet Smile from Mariah

Smiling Child

Smiling Child


A smile that is sweet,
Is a good thing:
It heals you sadness,
It removes your sorrow.


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It’s time for us to be thrifty; this will help us in our future.

If we save something even few amount:

We will be worry free in times of troubles.

Spend and spend, you will have nothing for tomorrow.

If we know how to use our money in a sensible way

We will not encounter any problem.


Visual source:  i.ehow

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So white,

And your scent

So subtle.

How fitting

That your should be

Our national flowers


Visual courtesy:  almostedenplants

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The Stars


Twinkling Stars

Stone that shines in the roof of the sky;

Looks like a bumble bee

in the clouds that goes by.


What is your wonder?

Why are you shining?

Are you blessed

For us to guide?


Tribute to King Mago,

When Christ was born,

Were all gifted

In following your light.

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White Toga

Even though you are not rich when you were born,

You will earn your success

If you have your knowledge.


Knowledge is power and wealth.


A person who has knowledge

No one can put him down.

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Our Environment

Good Surrounding View

Good Surrounding View

When we care to our environment, his means we will have peace.  We can see the success, with a clean environment.

When environment are not properly taken cared of,  it gives trouble in our future.

When we don’t respect or give importance to our environment,  we can’t get the grace of it.  Destroying the environment,  is like destroying our future.

 We don’t have the right to destroy any of our environment,  as it is only something borrowed to God.

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