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Pari @ Home

Me at Home

Me at Home


Come and be with me,

In my place full of glee,

Where there is silence

And there is quietness.


Come and chat with me

Under the branch of banana tree,

Let’s eat to our heart’s content

Fruits we pluck from branches bent.


Come and stay with me

In my humble little home,

Where sunlight come in free

With fresh air from the tree.


Home is my perfect place to stay with.   At home is where I feel my peaceful moment.

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The Sea



Good morning everyone.  I was looking some of the pictures which my friend sent me.  It’s a nice place, until I saw one of the picture.  Picture of a sea.  It’s a quiet place, the water is calm, the waves are just swaying to and pro.  I love those kind of nature.  i just remember one poem which I read in the book of my niece about the sea.  Child poem but it’s nice and I want to share this with you.


Why does the sea laugh, mother

As it glints beneath the sun?

It is thinking of the joys, my child, tired heart, dearest child

That it wishes everyone.


Why does the sea sob so, mother

As it breaks on the rocky shore?

It recalls the sorrows of the world

As weeps forevermore.


Why is the sea so peaceful, mother

As if it were fast asleep?

It would give you

The comforts of the deep.

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Lovely Nature


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Balkondan Gorunus


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Green Surroundings

Clean Place


God made this beautiful nature.

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