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Big Rock


Look at God’s made thing.  So wonderful to look at.  You may think that it’s impossible that this thing will be created.  But nothing is impossible with God.  He can create anything He wants.

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Beautiful Scenery

Cool and blue mountain.

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Iguazu Falls

Flowing Water

 A Majestic view of Iguazu Falls on the ‘Argentina border.  Very beautiful view.

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Sunset at Tye Beach

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset seen at Tye Beach.

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Jungle in Iran

Jungle in Iran

This is one of a beautiful nature God made.  It is a jungles.  I hope you enjoy seeing the nice and beautiful nature of Mazandaran, a state in Iran.

Photo courtesy:  Mostafa Golestani

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Beautiful Nature

Colorful Nature

God made.   Colorful nature.

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Earth’s Nature

Perfectly Shaped Mountain


At Mt. Evans you will see the natural beauty of ancient pines.

Photo courtesy:  Nikon

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