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Rainbow Girl ~ Art Work


Dream Art

Look at the good creation here.  The photograph itself signifies the perfomance for the dance of life with one foot in the flowers and the other in the stars by the Mother Nature.  It glidss the rainbow of hope behind it.  It gives us its word our world that it will always have its protection.

Photo courtesy:  josephinewall

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Climb Every Mountain

Blue Mountain


Climb every mountain

Search high and low

Follow every by way

Every path you know


Climb every mountain

For every stream

Follow every rainbow

Till you find your dream


A dream that will need

All the love you can give

Everyday of life

For as long as you live


This is one of the song of the movie which I watched.  It’s an old movie.  I am still young when I first saw this movie.  I like it very much that’s why I get a copy of it as my collection.  As I was watching the move, one of the song here is a very beautiful song.  It has a good lesson in life.  Feel the words of the song and you will be inspired with it.  Even the picture of mountain there was taken from the movie.  I took a shot of it. 

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R  ain and sun together make the rainbow grow

A  rching in the cloudy sky, see the colors glow

I    ndigo and violet, bands of red and blue

N  ow it’s bold and brilliant, then it fades from view

B  ridge of colored ribbon – magic to behold

O  ver field and factory … over wood and world

W here the rainbow comes to earth

                                      –       there’s a crock of gold

Photo courtesy:  alanbauer

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At the end of the rainbow


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