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Earth Angel ~ Art Work

Beautiful Art

With the universe in her wings, Earth Angel gently cradles our precious world, bearing gifts of tranquillity, harmony and peace for all. In her wake she brings an abundance of beautiful flowers and creatures great and small to fill the idyllic countryside. The dove of peace and the rainbow of hope are her constant companions on her flight of creation.

Courtesy:  josephinewall

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A Greetings To All!

Joy, Peace and Happiness throughout the Year

Wishing you all the best

of everything

throughout the Year.

Happy New Year To All!


Visual source:  squidoo

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Our Environment

Good Surrounding View

Good Surrounding View

When we care to our environment, his means we will have peace.  We can see the success, with a clean environment.

When environment are not properly taken cared of,  it gives trouble in our future.

When we don’t respect or give importance to our environment,  we can’t get the grace of it.  Destroying the environment,  is like destroying our future.

 We don’t have the right to destroy any of our environment,  as it is only something borrowed to God.

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Welcome 2009

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men


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