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A Greetings To All!

Joy, Peace and Happiness throughout the Year

Wishing you all the best

of everything

throughout the Year.

Happy New Year To All!


Visual source:  squidoo

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Lovely Green



The place called Dai Mae Salong.  A place where people live quietly.  Far away from the noise of the city.  Free from all pollution, fresh air to breath, simple life, simple way of living, but the most important is the happiness they felt living in the nature of green.

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Long Life, Happiness, Prosperity

Picture 190


I was just looking at our book shelf when I notice this image.  This was a free when my father and mother bought a set of book.   It’s a good luck thing. 

Long life – is a long lasting meaningful life

Happiness – is a pleasurable or enjoyable experience

Prosperity – a condition of being successful

It’s good to have all this in one’s life.  It’s to get it, but with all the effort we can get all this three things.  I just remember my father and mother.  I just missed them both.

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