Tikoy and Me



This is my favorite dog tikoy, whom i loved and cared for.  One day, during my diner time, I was eating my favorites sandwich with butter on it.  Tikoy came near me and sit there.  Watching me while I’m eating.  While I’m chewing my sandwich, Tikoy began to bark.  And she began to put her two feet on my legs.  It almost pulled my pajama.  Again it barked as if it wanted to say something.  I wonder what could that be.  I knew my dog wanted to say something.  Then i heard a noise.  Tikoy jumped upon the cat who tried to eat my other sandwich.  I got one stick there and attempt to stop the can from eating my sandwich.  Then the can ran fast and didnt took my sandwich.  Instead of me eating the sandwich, I gave that to tikoy as her reward for being aware.  How lucky I am to have a such a nice dog.

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