Our Environment

Good Surrounding View

Good Surrounding View

When we care to our environment, his means we will have peace.  We can see the success, with a clean environment.

When environment are not properly taken cared of,  it gives trouble in our future.

When we don’t respect or give importance to our environment,  we can’t get the grace of it.  Destroying the environment,  is like destroying our future.

 We don’t have the right to destroy any of our environment,  as it is only something borrowed to God.

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    philipwyatt said,

    Interesting Page. Another good way to go green and help the environment is to replace your old bulbs with flourescent bulbs. A small amount of mercury in them I agree, but this is offset by less energy use and longer life.


  2. 2

    Jarrod said,

    This short film lays some of realities of climate change: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/e7162a6f7a/the-plight-of-the-polar-bear

  3. 3

    livingforall said,

    Beautiful. I like the idea of showcasing nature with photography along with asking for its protection. It shows us something we can care about.

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